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Justine Skye Bikini for W Magazine of the Day

Skye, Justine (W Magazine 2016-01)

Well these colored folk sure have come a long way from the slave days…haven’t they, running the music scene, running the pop culture, running Olympic Gymnastics and Swimming, and even acting in movies and not as the token…setting trends in fashion and art…but one could argue, they are still just slaving for the white man, and people could argue that the white man just uses them to shut people up…and this is all part of the white agenda to whitewash America…and pretend that Black Lives Don’t matter…but they aren’t racist because they gave Justine Skye a shitty record deal…because I’ve never heard of her…or they’ve let Jay Z and Beyonce exploit themselves and their craft for money…to the point of singing about money…pretty trashy…

Now I don’t know who Justine Skye is, but she’s in a bikini for W Magazine, and I think we can all agree that we are all one color, the human color, and all you racists need to start having sex with those races you hate, because I’m sure after white Sally from the south gets her pussy pounded inside out – or Herb the Hick gets ridden by a black goddess like she was doing a tribal fucking voodoo dance…he’d be less about shooting her the second the government gave him permission to…and more into shooting loads inside her and making babies…they are a fertile people…just go to Walmart…

I find it so ridiculous how we’re still having race issues in America, while every single white kid wants to act like a hip hop gangster, you’d think that’d carry the nation – but divide and conquer or something..

Skye, Justine (W Magazine 2016-02)

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