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Miranda Kerr Getting Out of a Car of the DAy


Billionaire hooker Miranda Kerr who has been passed around the billionaire circle for a while now…has had her fake tits make some appearances the last few days because that’s what a prostitute to billionaires does with her time….and she’s

She’s damaged goods, not only because she’s old and a divorcee with a kid, but even the brand she worked with that created her wanted nothing to do with her and threw her in the trash…but billionaires, for some reason, a reason I call Australian manipulation and trickery like the criminals they are, manipulate their way onto the cocks and never fucking leave….forcing them to propose to her and giving her the dream life she thinks she deserves…because she’s a model..

I have no idea why the dude from Snapchat, who is probably socially awkward, with an ego, because he created such a massive thing…worth billions…would bother with old fucking news. Maybe he jerked off to her as a kid, maybe she’s made him think she’s status because those herpes are from other famous people…but dude can marry any hot model….ones currently working and celebrated…or just starting out…to hop on the train when it’s already in station ready to be dismantled makes zero fucking sense…it’s likely a sexually dysfunction or maybe he’s gay…

Who knows…but here’s Billionaire hooker getting out of a car like Billionaire hookers do…

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