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Alina Baikova in Lingerie of the Day


Alina Baikova is some Ukrainian model who I am sure lives in New York, because getting into the USA as a model is a very simple process, I went into this the other day, assuming that the immigration and rich guys who own the government lobbied for this years ago…because they liked fucking hot, published, immigrant pussy…

She was born in 1989, which makes her far too old for the human trafficking you’d be into, if she wasn’t already richer than you as a model…and by that I mean fucking dudes richer than you because she’s a model …so I’m not sure what fetish to focus on while lookng at her glamourous lingerie pics…

I guess this video of her in some cold post workout chamber dancing sums it up…because known hooker Victoria Sivlstedt got a shout out in the caption – I assume she’s looking on…kinda outlines what her actual career as a model is about….

A video posted by Alina Baikova (@alina_baikova) on

Here are those lingerie pics..

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