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Anastasia Ashley’s Butt Still Surfs of the Day

There is only one name is female surfing…and that name is Anastasia Ashley…I mean, I guess there are two names in female surfing, but I can’t think of the other one, I’m not into Christian Amputee Shark Attack surviving erotica….

BUT I AM INTO….fit round ass that have a solid excuse for being in a bathing suit…where as all the other butt pics and videos I see in my pervert life…just have no context…it’s like “here’s my ass”…leaving me asking “Why…why is that your ass….what are you taking pics of your ass, why are you posting pics of your ass, why is your ass in my face, but not in the way I want your ass in my face, but in a shameless looking for attention way”….while Anastasia offers the answer…like a gift from the heavens…”because she’s surfing”….ohhhhhhhhhhh that makes total sense…because I didn’t even notice there was surfing in the video, not because I don’t think surfing is a nice aspirational screen saver on your work computer to give you dreams of a better life somewhere tropical and amazing, despite making 10 dollars an hour doing data entry….but because I paused the video on her ass and didn’t make it that far…

I’m so perverted…but don’t blame me, or the fact that I’m a man…blame girls for producing this kind of action and adventure video…she’s great.

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