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Lady Gaga Pussy Flash of the Day


Look – It’s Lady Gaga’s pussy flap…at least that’s what it’s supposed to be…it may just be her testicles stretched out…or my imagination and just part of her gunt..that you know hangs over her pussy and/or dick, making it look smaller than it actual is…something I can relate to…only I am as small as you’d expect when seeing it burried in my fat….

I guess what I am saying is that I’m not into Lady Gaga genitals, or looking up her short legs, but how great is looking up these short short legs on normal girls who aren’t weird attention seeing, possibly trans, at least trans would explain her face, girls…who just don’t wear panties in their short short and don’t realize that with short shorts comes a direct view to vagina…the second they uncross to get off the bus, or park bench they are eating on…

It’s winter here now…but there was a time a few months ago where I’d see at least one pussy a week all thanks to fashionable trendy shorts….the girls weren’t Lady Gaga..but this is Lady Gaga and she’s the fucking worst.


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