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Hillary Clinton’s Fat Monster Henchman’s Silly Fake Feminist Costume of the Day


I don’t care about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton or American Politics or the Election, it’s all the same bullshit to me, because the government is corrupt, it’s owned by big business, and whether one woman plays the public servant angle, who is worth 250,000,000 dollars, while real public servants aren’t worth 250,000,000 dollars…or the other one is some inflated, puffy, trashy rich guy who has made a career off being a trashy, gaudy, loud self confident champion…they both work for the same bullshit and are designed to distract you by real issues. It’s like let’s all fight amongst ourselves…instead of actually being progressive…you fucking morons…they are both egotistical piles of shit…

Speaking of egotistical pieces of shit, here’s LENA DUNHAM nipples in what we can assume is her clever little “GRAB THEM BY THE PUSSY”…costume, since that’s what the politics of america come down to, tabloid fodder that these self involved, spoiled, narcissists who pretend to be activists or feminists, when really they are just happy being the quirky one hanging with Taylor Swift, because of the new found confidence in being able to sell her show to HBO…a show she used and a platform to walk around naked…like a little kid playing with his feces….all for attention…a “Look at me”….”Look at me”….only more the girl playing with her period and pretending that it is art…for the state of feminism…when it’s just like getting naked, a cry for attention.

So she’s using the fake feminist pig, platform to show how mad she is…to be satirical…when really just showing off her nipples…to push her inflated ego and personal agenda…that anyone who is forced to experience anything Lena Dunham…will know is just nonsense…and that she’s just bullshit….and most importantly…too disgusting to look at in a leotard.

I am sure at whatever party she was at…let’s assume Taylor Swift’s house..she got all the laughs because this circle of scammers like her…she’s the funny one….

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