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Toni Garrn By Richard Kern for Numero of the Day


Toni Garrn is some Leonardo DiCaprio fucking model – who probably never fucked Leo – but it was good enough for business, just not that good enough for business, seeing as she’s still doing hipster instagram style shoots – with her nipples out for attention…but I guess these people just fucking love attention and even the most famous are still thirsty – it’s in their core and they fear losing everything….

Richard Kern, who took these hipster nude pics, is actually an old creeper who has been in the scene of nude pics with random young girls for a long time, I knew him from vice and have promoted his work on the site, even a few years ago – his people asked me to find him local pussy to shoot…because he tours town to town getting anyone over 18 naked…

So he’s got a lot of practice in posing bitches, making them look good, and that’s why I’m down with these pics…I mean that…and nipples…and the fact that they aren’t talking about TRUMP or CLINTON or the absurdity of it all like social justice warriors of the internet – when all we should focus on, is the tits…the real cause of the dumbing of America…

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