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Elon’s Musk’s Wallet Fucker Acts Her Way Through Violence Against Women Video of the Day

This girl is Dark…Playing the abused woman angle hard…because I guess she has no choice but to speak out, plus if she doesn’t, people will think she gave herself the black eye in some evil, strategic way….because anyone who looks at this bitch for more than 4-5 minutes will know she’s dark, she’s full of shit, she angles shit, she seduced a man who was with a woman for 20 fucking years – and had a family with – to marry her…Amber Heard…all because they were in a movie together…SHE WORKED HIM as hard as she worked being bi-sexual to get press pre Johnny Depp when that kind of thing got press….before the whole world was faggots….

THEN there’s the whole fucking Elon Musk, and playing that billionaire nerd like the puppet master she is, because dudes get weak and do dumb shit for this demon….

SO I am not buying her bad acting, her fake tears, it’s a nice storyline for her cause, but it’s nonsense…beating women isn’t nonsense, I don’t advocate that shit, but this is milking something like the opportunist she clearly is…and I find it shameless and vile…

Why aren’t both her eyes black? Maybe she should visit some women actually beat by men….

I wonder how many women Johnny Depp fans, you know the die hard Johnny Depp fans who sided with Johnny Depp – because they love everything he touches, even if it’s violent when he does it…after being pushed too far by evil….

I wonder how many men who are either Johnny Depp or Amber Heard fans who jerked off to her Black Eye Pics…because you know somewhere out there, maybe even amongst your friends and family, maybe even you dad…there’s a dude who jerks off to pics of beat up, black eyed women…

That said, don’t beat up women….because women are lovely and shouldn’t be beat….even if they don’t make dinner on time…and even if they’ve ruined your fucking life by robbing you of your freedom and/or testicles…

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