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Natasha Poly in a Bikini in Miami of the Day


Natasha Poly is a pretty major Russian model who is loved by all….or by those who like Russian models because they know they can’t afford them – because Russians are soulless money grubbers who only like expensive shit….especially the models…but you like that there are equally hot girls in Russia – who have lower standards than this one – because they weren’t saved by modeling…

SO Natashy Poly, is married which kinda makes her fucking boring…who wants stare at a mail order bride already spoken for…not to mention overpaid chicks married to rich dudes…living the rich life…that she takes a break from every so often for a huge 1,000,000 dollar ad campaigns….isn’t really all that inspiring to me….you see I like my girls more broken…especially when they have similar beginnings as her…communist, poor, with no running water…excited for anything remotely better than that…they are easier to please…

She’s in Miami for Art Basel, because so is every model, instagram model, basic idiot who all of a sudden likes art, despite art being a lie, but it makes a good story – and you don’t miss out on all the nonsense that is Art Basel…living that life of bullshit luxury…garbage people…

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