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Courtney Sixx Bikini Photoshoot of the Day


Courtney Sixx is Nikki Sixx’s wife – who is with him for a long and romantic time….and not for the nice houses and the good life and ultimately – who are we to judge their relationship, the foundation of their love affair, how and why they are together…maybe he’s a great guy…the best guy who supports young hot women…not that Courtney Sixx is young or hot but she probably was when she locked him in…and who are we to say she’s just a concert groupie….

What we can judge is why the fuck is she doing staged bathing suit pics for the paparazzi, why can’t these girls be satisfied…why do they need to be so shameless and fame hungry, she’s got a great house, great life, good things going on, a rich dude who probably doesn’t cheat on her that much..yet she wants to be seen, paparazzi, tabloid, style half naked…not looking great…really looking broken…but as a SIXX….asserting herself as a SIXX…even though SIXX isn’t even his real name…because work any angle she’s got…unless this is for their family Christmas card….Rock and Roll…a confusing place.

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  • Jacklyn

    She is with sixx just to have the name, she’s nobody she can just do is stolen ideas from pinterest for her ridiculous DIY…she is just a postich plastic with an old man for money and her ridiculous photoshot he can pay to believe she is a “model” but she isn’t a model, she’s just a poor little girl who need attention from paparazzi to believe she is effectively someone…their relationship is just a business not more, there’s not love without them see picture a photo speak louder than words, not boby language, not a beautiful contact eyes, nothing…she needs a therapy because believe you have a great life just with material things and look like a sex doll boby it’s great she have a big problem. I can’t believe that Sixx can be with a girl like that she’s all he say hated in a woman, fake plastic, pathetic, need of money and material to live, needs paparazzi to believe she is great, do nothing except be a cunt, not brain, not culture, Sixx please wake up!