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Camila Morrone Young Entitled Tits has a Booty of the Day

Camila Morrone is a busty and apparently big booty squeezing into shorts…LA rich girl who is basically a Gigi Hadid….trying to take her Argentinian tits to the top.

Her mom is named Lucila Solá, who is apparently dating Al Pacino. She’s 37 years old, so it’s safe to assume that this Cami chick is barely 18…despite what her tits are telling us….which would probably explain why she wants to be famous and leverage that body, but if you ever leave your house, and I try not to, every single girl is doing this instagram bullshit hustle..so when you’re rich and hot and have access to paid jobs around the world so you can pretend you’re a model…it becomes more important than college…

I mean her mom was making babies in Argentina at her age, so that she could work her way to eventually land a real American celebrity…

This showing tits…awesome tits…like the Gigi Hadid of 2017….as people like giving these rich kids job….is not a bad thing…it’s a boring thing, it’s an obvious thing, it’s an unfortunate thing…because I like girls who aren’t Al Pacino’s stepdaughter getting work because they actually need it, rather than spoiled brats…but this isnt about me…it’s about young tits….the only thing that matters.


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