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Helen Mirren Nude in the Bath of the Day


This is the other highlight of my very pathetic, very hungover, dying of Tequila poisoning day….

Some busty Helen Mirren did some nude bathtub shoot, I don’t know when, I don’t know where, I don’t know why, but it happened…maybe 50 years too late…but she’s been topless before…


this is just bringing it back and her tits are as awesome as you’d expect…

The good news is that she’s submerged and her tits are floating….because if this standing naked in front of you…is probably more of “fuck her cuz she’s famous, do it for the story, get paid to do it” situation…or a take what you can get…and you’re horny”….with tits that you could tell were once were wonderful…but that lost their glory as you try to figure out how her nipple got caught in her loose vagina lips…..

The point is that I have never had a thing for old ladies, they are disgusting, their bodies melting, their vaginas as saggy as their tits, and I see no point to them unless you are her sugar baby….cashing in, or into cumming in girls and not impregnating them, and/or if you have grandma issues – like daddy issues but for baked goods and the sweet smell of bengay….but I have fucked old women….I worked in an old folks home in my younger years and saw some shit….actually a lot of shit…I wish I didn’t have to clean up…and only a dozen times in those 4 years did I fuck old women…most had dementia and had no idea what was happening…and couldn’t report me…and most importantly I didn’t leave any marks because my dick hardly touched the vagina walls…plus there was so much KY Jelly available…maybe I do have a thing for old ladies…because I have a boner looking at these…they are hot….and I blame being bored of all the hot chicks in their hot chick poses…there is so much of that shit…when all I really want is some Mirren tit.


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