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Marloes Horst is Softly Lit Lingerie Campaign Photos of the Day


I find lingerie photoshoots the fucking worst…not because I am anti-lingerie, girls in lingerie can be hot, it’s just that are so fucking cheesy, like a Glamour model shoot, or a shoot a fat wife gets done at the mall for her 25th wedding anniversary…all posed, and contrived, and non pornographic…all photoshopped to give some bullshit effect…or sell some bullshit story…I am not buying into….but yet these brands still produce this bullshit and I still post this bullshit…but mainly because I am glad it’s not the evil empire…it’s just featuring one of their models….because all this shit is cross pollinating incest nonsense…

Let’s use all the same asses…even though there is a world filled with asses out there…and they are all on instagram…

Marloes Horst is amazing. She probably only dates rich guys but she’s still the kind of girl I would sing love songs to….with my penis…to her vagina….not that it would be that eventful because my penis is a horrible singer, his voice raspy….he’s also bad at playing the piano and doing all everyday tasks…because he’s an inny not an outty…not that you care about my penis…or his failures and special oympic needs…but maybe you care about Marloes Horst getting paid to cocktease the fuck out you…in what I call a campaign to lure rich guys who like models..

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