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Jemima Kirke FULL FRONTAL fashion Shoot of the Day


She doesn’t shave her armpits because it is an evil construct of the patriarchy – that makes women feel insecure about boy hair…forcing them in some subliminal way…called “social norms”…to shave their body hair…when no man that I’ve known has ever told a woman to shave her armpits, I think that’s something their mom teaches them, because when a dad hops into the shower with his girl to show her the way to groom…he gets arrested…

You see, yes, armpit hair, which has been the norm in France forever….and French girls are hot..if they aren;’t from QUebec…hut armpit hair isn’t necessarily the hottest thing to me, I had a weird foster parent who was 300 lbs, pretty much a midget…like had wooden blocks on her brake pedal, was missing a finger and who wore tank tops to showcase her matted armpit hair…as it dripped down and soaked her shirt…and it was vile..

But as a grown man, an adult, if I meet a hairy little 20 year old feminist, or in this case a 40 year old looking feminist…I’m gonna lick those pits and try to stick my dick in it- because who gives a fuck..

What I am actually annoyed or disgusted by is the parading, the peacocking, the “look how fourth wave feminist I am”…as she celebrates her body – and you know has some intellectualized, despite being retarded, spin on why her silent protest that isn’t silent at all because like a VEGAN, and probably is also a VEGAN, she likes to advertise her political theory…instead of doing things productive for the community, why not just do some “Look at me, look at me” photoshoots..

The real offensive thing in all this, as someone who may not love armpit hair, but I fucking LIVE for bush, is that her bush is fucking trimmed, I know out of control bush…it is what I jerk off to…and this pussy is TRIMMED…so don’t shave your fucking pits so people can see your protest…but trim your fucking pussy…for sex..for men..for another women created insecurity….since dudes will fuck anything…even things that smell and are half dead…but keep up the good work motherfuckers…

That said, it’s not like anyone knows who Jemima not the Aunt is…but apparently she’s in GIRLS..obviously.

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