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Petra Nemcova See Through of the Day

Apparently this is Petra Nemcova rocking a see through – and I figure when you’re a Tsunami survivor, you don’t really need to wear clothes. Surviving a Tsunami, and not just any Tsunami, but THE Tsunami that put the word Tsunami in your vocabulary, and that also killed her photographer fiance…while she climbed up a fucking tree and survived….you can pretty much go through life giving everything, from life itself, to everyone around you the finger…because it’s one of those “fuck you” survivals…that gets you the green light to do anything you fucking want….it’s not surviving date rape, or an abusive relationship, or being cheated on, or gaining 10 pounds…it’s a natural fucking disaster that killed thousands…you get the pass to show us all your tits, but then again, I don’t even know if I see tits….people say this is see through, but it’s not nearly see through enough to really be seen as see through…you know…I want more crazy, more exhibitionism, out of this survivor…

That said, she’s still hot. Shit didn’t mangle her….but I’m sure everyone she knows is tired of hearing about it…like everyone who visits this site is tired of reading my useless opinion on everything….

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