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Suck it in Ariel Winter of the Day

Porky Ariel Winter took a picture of herself sucking the fuck in at 2 in the morning and tagged it FRIDAY – because the internet is a fucking lie and not only do these people post pre-shot selfies, they also photoshop the fuck out of the photos, and they also know how to pose on their tippy toes, holding their arm out, and pushing their stomach in to give a waist to hip ratio….all in a very spandex shirt that is tight as fuck to suck in all the disgusting….but apparently..there’s a thigh gap…

That said, people like jerking off to her and her big rebuilt tits…and seeing her in an outfit that you wouldn’t want to wear to Junior High in case you get your period….something this one probably got at 7 thanks to the trauma of being sold off by your parents…is hardly exciting – but I’ll post it because she’s current, she’s trendy and thus I am for covering her every move as she makes the transition from sitcom child star to social media star…

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  • Kiran Kara

    Not normally a fan, but gotta say she’s looking good here

  • xyz

    Thanks photoshop and filters