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Natalie Biehl Slutty Shoot of the Day

Natalie Biehl is an aspiring instagram model, not even an instagram model yet, but working on it…getting those free topless and nude shoots out there, because it’s how you get noticed, but like anything, if everyone is posting or posing topless or naked all the time, how does one stand out from the crowd….sure, seeing every single girl topless or naked is exciting and amazing to perverts like me, some of these aspiring instagram models are waitresses and coffee shop workers…or even retail whores…it’s like find out their name and see their pubic hair stylings…all in the name of getting ahead, or is it doing what everyone else is doing, creating new social norms…like how Nazis thought it was ok to kill all the jews, because they were all in on it…only the naked young girl version…and as an old timer…I can appreciate every single nude as the gift that it is….as it speaks to my fucking soul…because I remember a world where nudes were hard to come by….and now they are everywhere…we are swimming in the shit…..and I don’t know how to swim…but I do like tits.

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