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Zac Effron Lookalike and his Ex Girlfriend Lookalike in some Nudes of the Day


Zac Efron apparently used to bang some girl named Sami Miro….who is a supposed LA model…with 150,000 followers after leveraging her relationship with Zac Efron as hard as she could…you know basic marketing…and now she’s in a nude picture scandal that she probably set up because no one was googling her anymore and she was smart enough to include some EFRON in the mix….as he’s good for fucking business..

But then again, no one knows who Sami Miro is, so it’s safe to say this is totally not her and just a lookalike one of her many fans photoshopped to look more like her – as that’s the basic hustle of these famewhores who even have pics like this of themselves on their phones they mysteriously misplace so that it gets leaked…


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