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Zac Effron Lookalike and his Ex Girlfriend Lookalike in some Nudes of the Day


Zac Efron apparently used to bang some girl named Sami Miro….who is a supposed LA model…with 150,000 followers after leveraging her relationship with Zac Efron as hard as she could…you know basic marketing…and now she’s in a nude picture scandal that she probably set up because no one was googling her anymore and she was smart enough to include some EFRON in the mix….as he’s good for fucking business..

But then again, no one knows who Sami Miro is, so it’s safe to say this is totally not her and just a lookalike one of her many fans photoshopped to look more like her – as that’s the basic hustle of these famewhores who even have pics like this of themselves on their phones they mysteriously misplace so that it gets leaked…


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Zac Effron and Vanessa Hudgens Have an Umbrella Party in Brazil of the Day

Zac Effron and Vanessa Hudgens brought out their umbrellas to mourn the loss of Rihanna’s innocence, not that getting pistol whipped and having her life threatened is anything new to her, I mean it’s all part of being from a shanty with an alcoholic crack addicted father, you’d expect her to be used to it and hard enough to handle pussy filled hollywood, instead of being this fucking whiner, but this post isn’t about Rihanna, it’s about Zac Effron and Vanessa Hudgens in Brazil and she needs to stop dominating the fucking headlines just because she got what she had coming to her.

If you’re wondering why they are there, or being secretive about the shit, it’s because they don’t want you to see the tranny prostitutes Effron hired to be in his entourage, it’s a “when in Rome” situation, you know take advantage of the local landmarks especially since they have dick.

Trannies are the only reason why Effron is in Brazil, I mean other than Tom Cruise since they are probably lovers.

Just remember it’s not gay if she’s got long hair, make up, tits and a used up asshole that’s naturally lubricated from the diseases and as easy to enter as mom of three’s pussy, you know because tranny prostitutes have loosened their shit up by inserting all kinds of things in them multiple times a day. It really is an art and not just a job.

Here are some umbrella party pics…talk about thinking you are more important than you actually are, do people actually care about them enough that they need to draw tone attention to themselves by hiding, assholes need to be brought down to reality in the form of havin’ their boat taken over by pirates who use them in the illegal organ trade. Yeah, I saw that Tourista movie, let’s hope shit is real.

Here are the first bikini pictures of Hudgens in Brazil to Hit. They are seriously SHIT quality….

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Zac Effron Turns 21 and Sluts Come Out To Set Him Straight

Zac Effron turned 21 and I didn’t get an invitation to his party because my penis isn’t big enough, I have to admit that I was a little heartbroken when I found out he insists all men around him have 11 inch erections at all times, something I couldn’t even compete with if I had a penis . But when I found out this birthday went down pretty much 2 minutes ago, because Zac Effron news isn’t something I stay on top of, especially when I am not asked to be a part of the day he became legal, I figured I’d do a birthday post for him and the 21 topless, waxed, muscular men hired to dance for him privately in his hotel suite and for the cougars who made it out to his party in hopes of swaying him to their side of the fence, and by their side of the fence I mean, into their pants, and by the looks of it, they both failed and left the party alone. If only they wore pants but they didn’t, so here are the cougars Amanda Bynes, her legs and Michelle Trachtenberg and her legs and I guess on the positive side of things, it’s always nice to see girls who you used to fantasize about preying on when they were 16, who you have replaced with other 16 year olds, doing some preying on some young pussy of their own, not that Zac Effron has a pussy, other than the man pussy in his ass that’s been popular at the gay clubs, but based on his hair he just wishes that he had a real one of his own so liking girl things wouldn’t come with such stigma and I am not talking about Vanessa Hudgens. In fact…I have no idea what I am talking about or why I did this post.

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I am – Lil Wayne and Zac Effron are Gay For Each Other


So Lil Wayne is huge in the High School scene. I roll through Starbucks and hear 15 year old kids quoting his songs and shit, and it’s all really funny to me, because I know rap’s always had young fans, but the second your groupies don’t have their periods yet, you gotta realize that you’re not as gangster as you pretend you are.

Lil Wayne’s seemed to have accepted that his career has shifted and has decided to do the upcoming album for High School Musical 2. Probably the biggest piece of shit that anyone could attach themselves to, especially anyone who wants any level of street cred. But since dude’s obviously in it for the money, and Disney doesn’t seem to care that he raps about wanting to die and being on drugs, he’s had to opportunity to hang with Zac Effron.

It’s rumored they kissed on the lips, they live together in a Miami mansion and most importantly, Effron calls Lil Wayne his “nigga”. But I guess nothing more gangster for a homie on the Down Low, than to seduce the prettiest boy in showbiz, cuz when you’re a homo, getting with Effron is like getting with Lohan 5 years ago.

This is a weird story that makes me feel uncomfortable.

So Read the Article Because This is Fucking Weird:

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