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Alleged Fergie Butt Shot of the Day

This is an alleged Ferige Buttshot…that we can safely assume is not Fergie, but we can pretend for a minute that it is, probably during her meth years, when her lovely lady lumps were more covered in scabs, but still making money through sex work, and sticking bananas in her ass while staying at 1 star hotels…

I mean this is so fucking bootleg….if this is her, I’d be fucking surprised, but since I like nudes of all varieties….from people of all walks of life…thanks to being a voyeur in this exhibitionist world…I’ll take it…but you’d think we live in an era where nudes like this don’t exist…I mean what kind of gutter, badly posed, red eye shit is this…it doens’t give Fergie a woman I once held hands with while wasted, or whoever this is any fucking credit…and I guess the only exciting thing about it is that it’s a butt shot…and totally SFW according to TV standards and practices..

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  • I SAID

    i love her hump, her hump her hump her hump…her lovely lady lumps XD