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Dioni Tabbers by Ellen Von Unwerth of the Day

I am a fan of Dioni Tabbers. I don’t really know all that much about her, other than the fact that she doesn’t really have much of a following, considering she’s been getting naked for photoshoots for at least 4 years…at least according to my documenting of her getting naked -> LINK HERE BUT TOO LAZY TO GO FIND IT

She’s DUTCH, she’s got 24,000 followers, she’s not a hipster model from LA, but she’s booked actual work, and really I don’t care if she’s getting paid, if she’s famous, if she’s making money, or if she’s doing big things…I am too self involved and focused on nudes that time to name these holes is just wasted energy….

It’s like the fact that she’s got a vagina proves to me that she’s just another dog doing tricks to please the patriarchy….and I’m just down with her CONTRIBUTION to the world..

This is shot by Ellen Von Unwerth who is a great, legendary even, photographer who pretends to be the female Helmut Newton and gets work because of it…since that’s not a bad thing, her pics are good, she’s good, and most importantly..she’s a pervert with pervert pics…an icon to some…mainly nude models who get to shoot with her and feel validated that all the getting naked was building toward something great…

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