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Mariah Carey’s Panty Flash of the Day

Mariah Carey’s panty flash is zero on the scale of erotic….as she pretty much explodes from every fucking angle, primarily her thighs…

Now I get that people like weak chinned bitches with diamond studded microphones because they are rich and fancy and thus VERY VERY important in the world of music…I mean she’s paid her dudes, through her vagina, when the head of Sony Music gave her a big break after marrying her….in Quebec Canada, where I live…we call that RENEE ANGILING her – that’s Celine Dion, our God’s neighbor who found her at 14, mortgaged his house to make her, and left his family to fuck her when she was underage…GOOD think french people consider that normal behavior…since I live in French Canada and I need a Celine, or Mariah of my own to buy me a damn house…living the dream….but coddling a cunty spoiled brat who thinks she’s god’s gift….

I get that people like thick girls, her sloppy tits, the fact that she’s Mariah Carey..and crazy…But I just find it weird.

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