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Mariah Carey’s Bipolar Tits of the Day

Mariah Carey bipolar tits in tight black dress

I don’t believe in mental illness as a whole. I believe in the power of mind over matter. I believe that you can mentally convince yourself of anything. Which I guess could be a form of Mental Illness if you are convincing yourself that bugs are crawling all over them, or that voices are telling them to smear feces on the wall, or whatever the fuck crazy people think, is no difference than successful people convincing themselves they are good enough, they are talented, they are capable…it’s the same level of delusion.

I don’t trust diagnostics from psychiatrists, even if you can prove it with actual chemicals, I know that your brain can be altered to believe whatever the fuck you want it to be…

I think it’s really just cycles of thought patterns…that you can control because you have a fucking brain…

So when I see crazy poor people, I think it’s just because they didn’t have the resources to know or do better and got swamped by the system….and when I see rich crazy people bragging about their mental illness….I think “That’s convenient, and excuse to misbehave and be a shitty human, cuz you’re rich and can afford it”…

So bipolar Mariah or not…here is her cleavage….her best feature…

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Mariah Carey in Paper Magazine of the Day

Here’s some Mariah Carey in some weird photoshoot that makes her face look a little like a bull dog, but I guess that is what happens when you’re an over the top rich woman with an ego so huge she likely thinks she’s god…which probably makes for interesting sex….and not just because she’s got monster tits that go with her middle aged weight gain issues she tries to barely hide…but because she’s a fucking crazy person…

This reminds me of a boudoir set a fat wife gets her truck driving husband at the small town strip mall in the early 90s…you know…trashy…but maybe everything reminds me of that….because I missed the glory days of women trying to save marriages through semi professional slutty photoshoots with middle aged failed photographer perverts who once worked at sears doing portraits but always wanted to experience the woman form…and the art that comes with it…like most instagram photographers today…

It’s just that a spread pussy selfie on the toilet is wonderful to me, but it doesn’t take nearly the same level of thought or effort, especially in an era where slutty shoots weren’t an all day everyday thing…

EITHER way…here’s MARIAH.

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Mariah Carey Nipples of the Day

Mariah Carey is on a quest for attention – it’s obviously a midlife crisis or a diversion from her singing career…pollute all she’s accomplished with busting out her tits, in see through shirt, intentionally, as an empowered woman or feminist, or crazy person who knows she can sing, has all the money from singing, but doesn’t know if she’s still hot enough to be jerked off to like she was in her old Music Videso…or if she’s just a haggard washed up weak chin pushing 40 trying desperately to be jerked off to…

I mean why else has the last 6 months of her as a single mom been about her tits, I mean maybe her entire career was about her tits and I was just blinded or deafened by her angelic and annoying voice….and I guess what it comes down to is that tits are great….even when they are on rich and famous cunts who you know are annoying to be around…because they are still tits…being used for attention…the way tits are supposed to be used.

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Mariah Carey’s Panty Flash of the Day

Mariah Carey’s panty flash is zero on the scale of erotic….as she pretty much explodes from every fucking angle, primarily her thighs…

Now I get that people like weak chinned bitches with diamond studded microphones because they are rich and fancy and thus VERY VERY important in the world of music…I mean she’s paid her dudes, through her vagina, when the head of Sony Music gave her a big break after marrying her….in Quebec Canada, where I live…we call that RENEE ANGILING her – that’s Celine Dion, our God’s neighbor who found her at 14, mortgaged his house to make her, and left his family to fuck her when she was underage…GOOD think french people consider that normal behavior…since I live in French Canada and I need a Celine, or Mariah of my own to buy me a damn house…living the dream….but coddling a cunty spoiled brat who thinks she’s god’s gift….

I get that people like thick girls, her sloppy tits, the fact that she’s Mariah Carey..and crazy…But I just find it weird.

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Mariah Carey’s Whale Tail of the Day

Here’s a little, or rather a large, Mariah Carey showing the world her whale tail, like it was the late 90s and she was in Low Rise jeans with her thong up over her hips, as the girls used to dress…and will dress again…but the hipsters are still in the early 90s in their clothing options…and haven’t quite got to 1999…pre Y2k…the future…but they will…they always do…and let Mariah Carey, who I don’t think is channeling her youth, or the years she was the most relevant, right before she went mental….I think she’s just a bigger girl in clothing that’s too small…you’ll see this happen at grocery stores, or really everywhere a fat chick bends….but I like to think it’s well thought out fashion…since Mariah Carey is so with it…and by with it, I mean crazy, medicated, and about to lose her mind again….that is what happens when people get super rich, super famous and get fans and surround themselves with people who suck up to them…they become everything wrong in the world…but as Mariah Carey proves…sometimes that can lead to everything right…like this WHALE TAIL…moment of inspiration…just stare at it, get lost in it….


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Mariah Carey’s Nipple of the Day

Mariah Carey is terrifying looking, which is probably why she shows off her tits, it’s a fat chick methodology for success..if I show my tits…people won’t realize how weird looking I am….

Well, she went to a Basketball game and her nipple popped out…a blessing to some, #blessed…because they’ve always wanted to see her crazy nipples as she falls into weirdness…

Not that interesting to me, because it’s just a fucking nipple…..on a freakish looking person…with a voice of an angel….that worked out pretty well for her…and that’s it.

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Mariah Carey is So Fucking Weird of the Day

Mariah Carey is so fucking weird….

She put out these Bathtub pics of herself….with her massive tits out -because she knows that her tits are her friends…her singing voice got her here but the tits are keeping her around in a world that love tits….

But I just think this is further proof of how crazy she is, memories of the pre-baby making break down she had, because having this kind of money and people coddling her, her narcissism, her ego, everything….then giving her access to her social media….makes for some real weirdness…and I like weird.

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