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Ariel Winter Sluts Out for Kids and A “Booty” Round-Up of the Day

So controversial – so shocking – the Smurfs event porned up by a sitcom child star who hasn’t Dana Plato’ed herself yet…Ariel Winter is a disgusting pile of sloppy shit of a woman…or girl…depending on how PC you are….

Ariel Winter is fat, dumpy, yet for some reason so badly raised by her parents who were stage parenting her and trying to cash in on her, they didn’t discipline her, but rather just sucked up to her, creating a monster who when she turned 18 and could be her own person, decided to do it by sexualizing herself….despite not being hot…

Sure a lot of people bought into it, and though “Damn, it’s the girl from TV I wanted to fuck as she went through puberty because I’m a fucking sexual predator”…

But for those of us who never saw one episode of modern family, we can all objectively objectify her and say…there’s nothing hot about this….I mean other than the fact that she wore it to a kids event for kids dressed like this…in some stripper party dress…because she’s an independent person – has a personal brand of sex symbol despite being a sex symbol like most girls who aren’t sex symbols by want to be sex symbols do…by being extra slutty to prove something…and this just proves to me..what I’ve been saying all along…send her back to the farm…she’s better off being used as bacon…because at least bacon leaves me feeling satisfied and wanting more bacon….right?

Anything for attention….little attention seeker brat….seeking attention…


She posted this pictures saying her booty is back in LA – and Yes…your booty is everywhere you go – because it’s so fucking big…and that isn’t always a good thing….it can be a bad thing…despite being 18….

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  • 61881N5 .

    Totally agree – I don’t see anything I’d tap (even if I was blind drunk)