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Ariel Winter’s Terrible Ass in Shorts of the Day

Ariel Winter’s got cellulite on the front of her leg, that’s just how dumpy she is. But it’s nice to see her mooch boyfriend walk around with her, proud to be with her, because she’s famous and it’s good brand association, even though she looks like a dumpy fucking troll, pulling some FAT girl Body Positive – don’t body shame – bully – because all lives matter in this flimsy society of wimps..even fat girl lives…which goes against all of our core beliefs as humans….

She’s still 18 or 19 and young enough to not be unfuckable, but then again very little is unfuckable, the age counts for A LOT…but she will melt into the slop she looks like she already is…some JABBA the hut shit…and there will still be dudes willing to get in on that because they are weird perverts and she’s rich…

It amazes me that people find her hot. That’s all I have to say about that.

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  • Drew Flanagan

    She’s a thumb.

  • Good. but i can make it even better.