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Amanda Seyfried’s Hard Nipples of the Day

I don’t keep track of Amanda Seyfried, she bores me, so she may have had her baby or not….she was pregnant and doesn’t look pregnant so is probably not pregnant but her great tit nipple is hard…and her tit nipple is what her little parasite latches onto, assuming she’s the down to earth breast feeder you’d assume she is, unless she’s just that soulless cunt who had the kid for some weird tactics….like making her husband leave his family for her….because that’s how brats work…who knows, the kid isn’t with her, so I’ll assume if she did have it it was still birthed or at home with the nannies so she doesn’t have to bother, something she has proven to like as she dresses likes she’s a homeless woman on her period…that’s I’d like to smell

Either way, hard nipple party.

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  • Seraphim

    Umm….that is a really pretty dog.

  • people are low

    her apple body shape is not bad at all. heard she’s tiny IRL. stick legs and boobs.

  • people are low

    I don’t think she’s a soulless cunt. I just don’t think she’d break for unicorns. And that means she’s capable of really anything..

  • GolleyGee

    She has Britney Spear Boobs, the left (shy nipple) nipple looks at the ground, while the right one (confident nipple) will look you in the eye and I’ll gladly look back at it.

  • Fucking Hot.

  • Who is the Guy and Girl