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Sandra Kubicka for Some Some Swimwear of the Day

Sandra Kubicka is Polish…which is convenient because she’s the kind of girl you’d want to hire to Polish you…with her mouth, maybe her hand, and a little spit drying it, to make sure she’s worthy of her 1000 dollar by the hour money…you know going above and beyond for her client…

Yes…I am implying a girl from Polish, who stills speak Polish, living in Miami with work visas and shit is a hooker…because Miami is the land of hookers…why the fuck would this one be a unicorn totally unscathed by that..

Did she come to Miami and never go home – REFUGEE….did she seduce a rich man with her tits – HOOKER….is she a celebrated model no one’s heard of who can afford her own shit…SO MANY questions..but she did get a job posing in bathings suits and here are those bathings suits she’s posing in…

She is hot….

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