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That Dude Lea Michele Butt in Her Own Shirt of the Day

Lea Michele Panty Flash promoting her merch

Lea Michele posing slutty always confuses me but then I think of most transgender prostitutes I know – and they are all exhibitionists who play up the whole femininity thing because they are basically a parody of women….you know putting on an act the way they think women should behave, only to not offend women in the process because if you make it a political issue, all these feminists let you into their bullshit club..

But the truth is that no matter what Lea Michele does…she will never get her period…because she doesn’t have a uterus and TESTICLES can’t bleed after the scars from cutting them off heal…

So Lea Michele wearing her own shirt because no one bought the shirts..so she’s got a warehouse full…in a slutty shoot is just weird but more importantly a representation of all the waste in the world…..no one needs this shit…

But as a sidenote, I feel her pain, I have boxes of SWEATSHOP SHIRTS that no one buys…..

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