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Rachel Bilson is Boring of the Day

Rachel Bilson Has a Terrible Bikini Selfie

In the event you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat, hoping not to break it, because you’re a fat fuck, for the last 5-10 years since the OC ended, wondering what the hell happened to Rachel Bilson, knowing you heard something about her being abducted by her baby daddy / husband – Canadian actor who hasn’t really had that high profile of a career since he was in Star Wars….you’ll be glad to know she’s still fucking boring…and that whole being abducted shit was just adding flare to her boring existence…as you can reference in these pictures, this is how she interprets a beach selfie to look, and I don’t think she’s that old, even though she is old….never too old to know tits / ass / nipple or really anything is the answer.

That said, she was my favorite on the show the O.C., much hotter than Marissa Cooper / Mischa Barton, even though she’s gone onto be far more exciting, drunk, a disaster, disgusting, fat than skinny – a sex tape star then sex tape cock block….while this one seems to be some kind of Mormon or Born Again in terms of sex appeal. Tragic really.

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