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Ariel Winter Feeling Sexy of the Day

Ariel Winter attempted a weird before and after photoseries for instagram – to either capture her posing slutty ass shots in a bikini for her friend with a hotter body than her…who I assume is on her payroll…or on her own quest to mooch off the TV star for followers…you know stick close to the sad lonely famous chick on TV and you’ll get your turn from people you meet or followers she gives you…basic marketing…all you gotta do is be her bitch and take her pics and tell her she’s not a dumpy little ditch pig no one loves…not even her parents…you know…basic shit…

Maybe she’s just showing off how much photoshop she does to her body…

WHO cares…the pics happened…look at them

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  • Load of Truth

    Knowing that there’s some poor girl tasked with taking the photos kind of makes it sad.