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Lottie Moss Butter Face Not Kate Moss But Still Squeezing Into Pants of the Day

Lottie Moss in a bikini trying to fit into jeans

Lottie Moss isn’t that hot, but her sister is Kate Moss, or at least her half sister is Kate Moss, and in this era of association, people like association, you know remakes, famous parents, famous siblings, to process whether people or content is valid or worth looking at….she’s found her place…and that is being trashy reality show trash in a bikini showing off her thicker than Kate’s skinny iconic body, looking all bleached blonde and trashy, like a college girl who likes going to Hooters, just super mainstream and typical…BASIC if you will…but seeing her ass squeeze into pants is erotic enough for me…but I’m into all things Kate Moss like most people – since she’s Kate Moss…

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