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Nicolette Sheridan’s Old Lady Nipples of the Day

Nicollette Sheridan hard nipples in a white tank top

Nicollette Sheridan was the old slut on Desperate Housewives….the white Eva Longoria..I never watched the show but remember her more as a woman who sacrificed her life purpose as a woman….something she may regret now that she can’t have kids….but who shouldn’t regret it cuz kids are annoying, pregnancy disgusting, and more importantly the worst kind of self destructive…that you can sometimes let society trick you into think you want….

She’s 100 fucking years old now…but at one time was with Michael Bolton…pretty exciting…if you love Adult Contemporary..

She’s dressed like she’s 18, because if you leave the house, all girls show their nipples.

Damn she’s old…yet I stare….

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