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Miranda Kerr Butt Shot of the Day

Miranda Kerr ass shot in a green dress

The wind, mother nature, is my friend, maybe because I don’t own a house in Florida because I am a broke fuck, but rather I just am witness to countless times the wind has blown a dress on a bitch up – exposing her soul to me – making me think their may be a god….with a good pervert sense of humor…the kind of guy who hides in closets and watches fucks, the kind of guy who witnesses all the showers across the land over and every woman who takes them….

That said, the WIND took on Miranda Kerr like it was some kind of billionaire, because she likes billionaires…shes’ that kind of hooker..

I wonder if shitting on Miranda Kerr, not like a billionaire shitting on her cuz he knows he owns her, but making fun of her because she’s so obvious in her sugar babying…will get me banned or compromised on Snapchat…

I am thinking, definitely…little angry billionaire nerd…just fucking doing as much damage as he fucking can…to prevent me from calling his girl a hooker, even though she’s been one for decades before he even knew who she was because he was 11.

Nerds hate being teased or being reminded your ex model wife is only with you for the money.

Well, she’s got a system in place…and I call it the Miranda Kerr Billionaire Wife Program…and these are the steps…..I’ve posted them before….

1 – Do local shitty modeling and get to an event an A-Lister will be at. Get pregnant by A-Lister and pressure him to marry you.

2- Use celebrity of being married to A-Lister to get you a contract with an evil billion dollar brand. It makes you credible, valuable, increases your stock price.

3- Get out of your relationship with some has been actor who is probably gay, you already got the press for that and the best way to do that is by fucking Bieber…he’s popular..

4- Get fired from your million dollar contract with a lingerie company for fucking Bieber, because the billionaires you are trying to bed won’t want to pay your rent when they know you are out of work…but that you were once employed…by a high profile brand….you know to help you get back on your feet…they just like that you had work and that you’re in a place of desperation that requires their help…

5- Pull in some sporadic campaigns, so that she doesn’t seen like a full mooch….do some media, get some red carpet pics, you know seem like an active member int he model world…because these billionaires want models, they don’t want girls who once modeled…that makes them feel irrelvant and buying last year’s model..

6- Fuck 3 Billionaires in a row, have 2 fight over you, because once you go BILLIONAIRE you never go back….

7- Choose the most current one, with the most potential of getting her jobs….


9- Do magazines in your panties to keep him horny for you, not that you care, but you have a pre-nup to ride out, probably 5 years of marriage, you gotta keep things locked in so you cash out..

Now we’ll add step 9…pay GOD to blow your skirt up for the paparazzi…

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