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Coco for Breast Cancer Awareness of the Day

Coco for Breast Cancer Awareness

Remember Coco?

Well she’s out there promoting breast cancer with some of the most amazingly funny breast implants…that remind me of an era long gone…the trashy stripper chick who jacks up her face and body for rappers…that I guess isn’t all that different that what”s going on in social media today…but the girls jacking up their faces and bodies for rappers don’t have bleached blonde hair, they just have real fucking tans, looking like they are arab or something, even though their all white all the time, and the rappers are just there to sell more records…cuz they saw what girl did with her cosmetics line…

That said, as trashy and silly as COCO is, or as funny as this strapless bra she doesn’t need because her tits are filled with helium, I’m old and remember when Coco was out there keeping busy trying to build up her brand around her booty and for that reason alone we must celebrate whatever the fuck this is.

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