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Fat Ariel Winter Still Working Out of the Day

Fat Ariel Winter Still Working Out of the Day

Fat Ariel Winter is really into showing the world that she’s into working out to offset the fact that she’s chubby, neckless, weird looking, with massive tits she keeps getting surgically removed…because she just keeps on eating…

But if she shows you her working out, it means she’s healthy and fit…with her sloppy young body!!

I always like the fat girls at the gym, who try so hard to get fit, but they just never quite get there because cake is so good…and they are lazy…it’s a fetish….better than just fat girls sitting on the toilet eating baked goods….

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  • NotAHappyCamper

    Or maybe she knows there are plenty of real men out there who like a woman that doesn’t have the body of a 8 year old boy. A little chub in the right places is sexy and if you don’t like it, don’t look.

    Personally I find Ariel quite attractive and enjoy most of her photos.

  • drglide

    She’s smooth and sleek, not skinny and pointy.

  • robert franklin stroud

    She comes across as pathetic in a “look at me — don’t look at me” sort of way. Just another fat chick deluded by photo-shop.

  • NotAHappyCamper

    I can see why you would say that. That being said she isn’t fat. However you clearly don’t find her attractive which begs the question as to why you are here wasting time talking about someone you don’t like.