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Gal Gadot Lesbian Kiss from Hell of the Day

Gal Gadot Lesbian Kiss from Hell

I fucking hate Saturday Night Live, and all things Saturday Night LIve…and I hate comic book shit, like Wonder Woman, it annoys me, and I hate anything that represents women power, because it is cast and starred by a woman and it is called wonder woman when really it is just pandering to pervert dudes who objectify women, the comic book socially awkward dude who jerks off to powerful women because he can’t get women…and the women they feature are just parody of actual women..

I hate that the industry manipulates the media into acting like she’s a feminist icon, some Israelite who doesn’t matter, who is old, who just kind of appeared from no where

I hate that her kissing some twerpy looking SNL cast member who makes too much money is considered news…

I hate everything the world has done and become…where this type of thing “matters”…aren’t there better things to watch, enjoy, jerk off to…seriously…zero fucking hot here..watching a lesbian looking chick dressed like a boy kiss some Wonder Woman…isn’t my fetish, but maybe it’s yours….

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