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Bella Hadid in Panties of the Day

Bella Hadid in Panties

Bella Hadid’s got a weird face and I don’t really think she’s hot, even though everyone thinks she’s hot, and girl’s getting paid thanks to lazy casting people who assume she matters…

I do know a bunch of dudes who do find her hot, even with the jacked up face, because I guess she’s got that stripper body, that instagram look, she’s skinny and alright, not a tall girl with a troll face that has some face injections and a stylist to make her marketable….

I guess her face doesn’t really matter when she’s producing self produced porno starring her, directed by her, written by her, filmed by her, with a special guest appearance by her damn mirror…wearing panties, in what the fuck is this shameless exhibitionist porno shit…and why is girl compelled to basically sex the damn world..

I don’t get it…but I don’t get much…keeep making that low level instagram porno girl..

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