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Bikini Girls Oiled Up Because The Future is CBD of the Day

I’m in Canada where Marijuana is about to be recreationally legal, but I don’t smoke it, fucks with my head, but I DO know that regulating a plant, that people smoke and making it criminal is one of the most absurd things to happen to humans, as societies were built up, because making a plant illegal is fucking nuts. The only logical reason is strictly for control. The big business can’t regulate and control the plant, or tax the plant, so make it illegal and benefit from other revenue streams from the plant…insane…

I heard someone mention something on the radio the other day about the health benefits of weed and how pharma is investing in researching the plant’s compounds to make all kinds of medication…like stoners everywhere didn’t know this before hand…that it was the miracle plant….BLOWS MY MIND…

Well, CBD is the most talked about thing to come up when talking cannabis, it’s the name of a compound found in the cannabis plant called cannibinoids.

The CBD has not THC in it, THC is the other compound in the plant you hippies know all about, the shit that gets you TRIPPY man… CBD is not psychoactive…it doesn’t get you high, but it’s got an insane amount of health benefits…

I know a woman who has a kid with cancer fighting to get CBD to help, I know people with Dementia on CBD….

So some of the health benefits or things CBD can help are:

1- Pain Relief
2- Anti-Inflammatory
3- Quitting Smoking
4- Epilepsy
5- Fighting Cancer….FIGHTING FUCKING CANCER…the Pharma doesn’t want that, how would they make all their cancer treatment money if people didnd’t have cancer…
6- Anxiety, OCD, PTSD so all the women who got rich from Weinstein can relax.
7- Diabetes
8- Acne
9- Alzheimers

All with next to no side effects? Have you seen a medical ad on TV recently where they outline everything that can go wrong with you including death if you take their pill to treat some man-made disease like Insulin Sensitivity…

We partnered up with HEMPCDBOILSTORE to offer you a place to get your CBD needs…because who knows, it could help you, your life, your issues and I am all for progressive, even though it feels insane called Cannabis progressive, natural treatments over the garbage the government is shoving down our throats..

Here’s some pics of girls getting OILED up…GET YOUR CBD HERE

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