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Girls Smoking Weed Compilation of the Day

Weed is becoming legal in Canada…I guess it is legal in a bunch of states…which is obviously something that makes total fucking sense…considering we are all grown ups here and should be able to decide what plants we want to grow and smoke…not to mention weed hasn’t killed anyone…and the fact that it has been controlled for so long is fucking idiotic…why do you people let your governments control these things…it’s just fucking crazy…but not as crazy as the day it goes legal…the same people enforcing it being illegal…you know wasting tax payer money to create systems in place to catch and arrest people growing what is a simple plant to grow…a fucking weed…everyone will just accept it being legal…proving they thought it being illegal all these years was fucking idiotic..and the fact it’s not legal everywhere…idiotic…especially since everyone and their moms have smoked weed…but because the government says “Cool dawg, you can smoke now dawg…get smoking”….

What a fucking weird society…

That said, legal marijuana has rapidly improved the consumer cannabis buying experience — from gratefully accepting whatever “dreg” the drug dealer had to offer for too much money, laced with angel dust according to the Raegan administration, WAR ON DRUGs, to modern-style boutique dispensaries with an incredible selection and personalized recommendations for the strains that’ll do you just right. This shit’s gone BOUTIQUE…and it’s making it a real business, product, commodity…and that’s interesting…

Plus, the internet is helping moderate the market, so that shit isn’t unaffordable, with a select group gauging…people can shop from home, no sketchy nonsense, because why leave the house and interact with idiots if you don’t have to..

Companies like DopeBoo are on the forefront of an industry make-over, with tons of selection, thoughtful curation, incredibly knowledgeable support….and from the comfort of your own home…because why leave the house and interact with idiots if you don’t have to…

They sell a bunch of stuff, and I’m happy call them a partner, because I like to support the independents while I know evil corporations are moving in…

So here are their best selling bongs

These are some of their best vapes

And Then there’s some classic GLASS PIPES

Here are a bunch of pics of tumblr girls smoking weed!!

For more Visit DopeBoo

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GlamourGirl1 is the Cam Girl of the Day

Here name is GLAMOURGIRL1

This is what she has to say about herself:

Real life can be really boring and too dramatic for many of us.In land of fantasy you will always find what u looking for , i can be a good friend, your mistress or ur private porn star. I have a naughty mind ! and huge boobs

She’s so right…you know…real life can be boring…and depressing…and filled with shitty people…it can be hard to find girls to sext, or who want to sext you, but it can be easy to find girls to sex, who want to sex you, if you use cam sites…sure, it’s transactional…but isn’t everything in life…everyone is using each other, better to be upfront about it.

I know in a world of russian spam bots adding you on facebook to trick you into friending them, it’s hard to trust any girl on the internet, but it’s hard to trust any girl anywhere…so let’s just put our reservations aside and jump into GlamourGirl1….I’m sure not her real name, but with tits like this, who really needs a name….


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Replay: DrunkenStepfather x MyFreeCams SFW Cam Girls of the Week of the Day

I watch movies over and over all the time…usually bad movies like Dirty Dancing or Cocktail, so you should watch my video of cam girls being cam girls doing cam girl things, like cam girls do…that aren’t always nude, but are always awesome, because young entrepreneurial girls make for a good fucking time…all the time….when they get naked most of the time….

Here’s the stepfather SFW cam girls video of the day of the week, motivate me to make more….

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DrunkenStepfather x MyFreeCams SFW Cam Girls of the Week of the Day

I think some of the best comedy and entertainment is on webcam sites with webcam girls and not just when they are banging themselves…

I like seeing self starting girls who figure it’s easier to hustle from their bedroom than get a job, and build a business using cam sites, I dig it…

I like seeing the girls who are hot and amazing, and the ones who are not so hot yet amazing, it’s some of the best people watching….creative weirdos getting paid…pretty amazing.

Fuck being actual famous, be your own boss on MyFreeCams

So I’ve wanted to put together a video series for my now defunct stepTV, but still an idea in my head, where we capture some of the best, weird, awkward girls of the week.

I can’t commit to this being a weekly feature, but I did one with MyFreeCams and it was alot of fun…..but will only get better from here…

And remember…Find Your Own Cam Girls -naked and hot, naked and weird, or totally SFW doing random weirdness – just CLICK HERE

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