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Mila Kunis was Slutty in The Edit of the day

Mila Kunis

The most disgusting thing about Mila Kunis is that she has let Ashton Kutcher cum inside her at least twice – creating a baby or two that will live this entitled life thanks to his dot com billions and her Hollywood money…when really, the world would have been a better place if he stuck with Demi Moore, who was unable to get pregnant, thanks to her uterus falling out during one of her plastic surgeries, coupled with her being old..

The fact is that it’s pretty sad that Kunis went running back to Kutcher after their teenage love affair on That 70s Show, after she was with CULKIN for a decade, never quite sucking his dick as well as Michael Jackson did..

I figure she went to the familiar rich place, like a friend she had a special bond with, instead of venturing out in the world getting Weinsteined…or really doing anything but ending up with Kutcher, that guy is fucking annoying.

She posed slutty for some magazine called The Edit, because she’s promoting some movie or some shit, and the whole thing is probably exciting to her creeper fans who have been following her forever and can’t get enough of her, even though she’s old…

Mom tits being used to trick you into thinking she’s hot so that she gets cast in movies and paid…all these money grubbers everywhere…

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