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Isabeli Fontana Hot Bikini of the Day

Isabeli Fontana Hot Bikini

She’s a Brazilian model who started modeling at 13….and who was in Victoria’s Secret at 16, because Victoria’s Secret are sex offender, child pornographers, bringing minors to homes across America that men masturbate to, without making the girls prove they are 18, in what I call a flaw in the fucking system..

I don’t know why the Victoria’s Secret people haven’t gone down yet, building a billion dollar empire sexualizing and objectifying women, but I do know I’m ready for it.

I don’t how a company can get away with teen models – at least in the 90s – when most amateur photographers looking for teens to take nude pics of on the internet end up in jail.

I guess another example of big business being too big for the government to really fuck with, because if they got arrested and went down for being the perverts they are, the whole world would be underwear-less and we can’t be having that.

She’s no longer 16, she’s old as fuck and a mom of a bunch of kids, but still posing..

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