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Monica Bellucci Old and Nude of the Day

Monica Bellucci Old and Nude

Old Italian guys fucking love Monica Bellucci…

If you go to an Italian barber, or to an Italian bakery, or an Italian restaurant….or even if you’re into petty crimes and work with the Italian mob, or find yourself at WWE events or Soccer events, you’ve likely heard and Italian along with saying BRO as every second word mention how hot Monica Bellucci….

I have a theory that Italian guys are momma’s boys and love the idea of fucking their moms, while Monica Bellucci is old enough to be their mom…or maybe they are so disconnected with their culture being American that they think they need to fall in love with the old country…or maybe, just maybe it’s her big tits from the 90s that are no 90 but still tits…

Who really knows…so many questions…we don’t need answers for.

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