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Monica Bellucci Old and Nude of the Day

Monica Bellucci Old and Nude

Old Italian guys fucking love Monica Bellucci…

If you go to an Italian barber, or to an Italian bakery, or an Italian restaurant….or even if you’re into petty crimes and work with the Italian mob, or find yourself at WWE events or Soccer events, you’ve likely heard and Italian along with saying BRO as every second word mention how hot Monica Bellucci….

I have a theory that Italian guys are momma’s boys and love the idea of fucking their moms, while Monica Bellucci is old enough to be their mom…or maybe they are so disconnected with their culture being American that they think they need to fall in love with the old country…or maybe, just maybe it’s her big tits from the 90s that are no 90 but still tits…

Who really knows…so many questions…we don’t need answers for.

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Monica Bellucci Naked in Vanity Fair Italia of the Day

Immigrants…WOPs…you know the carpenters and mason’s who came to America and in turn develop parts America….with more than just Pizza….because they were too retarded to get work back home in Italy….but who paved the way for becoming the trash that was on the Jersey Shore…fucking love Monica Bellucci

I don’t know if she reminds them of the pope, they mothers, or Nonas, or some fucking mafia wife of top tier titty….or if she just reminds them of the old country, the heritage they are so proud of, and al that..

I just know they love her titty, she’s still on the wall at my Barber’s, she is to them, what Sofia Vergara is to Colombia…no not a drug mule….a star….with big tits.

You can see her nipples in Vanity Fair, and her fan base is probably really excited by this, they are a passionate people and don’t move on from being fans, unfortunately they are too retard to figure out how a computer works…they too busy being bros…

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Monica Bellucci Nipples of the Day


Monica Bellucci may be old as fuck, but Italians are such a loyal and emotional people, at least based on my barber’s behavior, which when Monica Bellucci’s name is brought up he freaks the fuck out. Maybe it’s because Italians are pressured to marry Italian women and she’s an iconic Italian woman, you know to keep the species alive…or maybe it’s because they are all momma’s boys and marrying the closest thing to their mother is what leads them to Italian women…or maybe they just like big tits they used to jerk off to back in Italy when they were little boys…and despite being 40 now…remember the glory days…but whatever it is…and I’ll go with tits…Monica Bellucci has maintained relevance…

These are apparently pictures of her showing off her nipples – in a shirt…like it was the late 1990s and I just got the internet and her nudes were all over the Thumbnail Gallery Posts I would jerk off to..only 20 years later…and less interesting…but still a reminder of what was and thanks to the glory of the internet – I can just google her at her best…which my barber would think are these pics…because he likes growing old with her…weird and weathered…her tired face not sexy….but these italians.. they do make great pizza…and we like pizza.

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Monica Bellucci for LUI of the Day


Monica Bellucci is Italy’s pride and joy…in all her busty glory….she’s pretty much the hottest thing they have going for her…and if you don’t believe me, just ask any Italian in his 40s….to them, she’s a fucking goddess..

She’s also a reminder of early internet porn, where I would jerk off to celebrity tits, when celebrities were still celebrities and not fame whoring, attention seeking, social media content producing, losers who get overpaid for their low level of talent.

I guess Monica Bellucci did some nude scenes, and had these massive tits, in an era you could still jerk off to great big tits..

I guess she’s in the new James Bond, as the older bond babe, for that international market or some shit, so she did LUI magazine, the french Men’s magazine…with nudity, where she barely showed off her nipples, and is barely nude, or even suggestive, but where she still has big tits…is still hot and that you could probably jerk off to…especially if you’re an Italian barber…and you still have her 1990s glamour shots at your work station….hometown pride…far better than your wife looks..

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Monica Bellucci for Marie Claire Mexico of the Day

Monica Bellucci - Marie Claire Mexico September 2015  (7)

Italians fucking LOVE Monica Bellucci and I guess Mexicans do too…because here she is in Marie Claire Mexico…for the Italians…who use her as hope that their Italian wife will age into hotness and not into their Nona with her beard you find in her normally fantastic lasangna recipe…when you go back to the mother country on summer vacation from your job in New Jersey working in construction…or whatever it is that Italians do..

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Monica Bellucci for GQ Italy of the Day

Monica Bellucci 04

I used to get my haircut, back when I had a job, probaby 10 years ago, before I threw in the towel on a regular life, and decided to be as homeless as possible, because when I had a job, and I’d walk by homeless people, I would envy their existence, but in my filthy, perverted, ways, I couldn’t commit to living on the street, so I figured just stay with my fat wife who paid the rent on our shitty apartment, but at least I won’t be cold at night, except when she forgets to pay the electric bill, but that’s better than lviing on a bench, for a reclusive person with a blog..

That said…

My barber was this Italian, because I guess italian’s don’t find running their hands through another man’s hair gay…even though I felt being touched like that a little too romantic..for man on man action…which I guess is why I’m posting these pics of Monica Bullucci…for my Eduardo or whatever the fuck his name was…it was 10 years ago…who had pictures of her all over his shop and would talk about her to a creepy level…

Because I guess, my barber married a fat hairy Italian, probbaly one who looked a bit like me, which is why he was so gentle with his touch…

And Monica Bellucci was the beacon of hope…the reminder than not all italian women are disgusting..

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Monica Bellucci for Vanity Fair Magazine Italy of the Day

Monica Bellucci is one of those Italian chicks that all Italian men want to fuck…because she represents the fertility of their land…with her massive tits…that don’t have a massive ass…like their Nonya and that don’t have a beard like their mamas…

You know, the one girl they turn to and say “Italy has beautiful women”…just look a Monica Bellucci, who must be in her 40s, and who thanks to not having breast cancer, still has her big old tits…that are still getting press and in Magazines…even I still don’t know what she does for work…when it comes to quality of life…and by quality of life I mean tits…working doesn’t matter…

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