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Courtney Stodden Topless for the Holidays of the Day

Courtney Stodden Topless for the Holidays

This Thanksgiving, my biggest life regret that I give thanks for, because without life regrets I would be able to harbour the anger that is in my core to lash out on these low level fame whores, and really top level fame whores, all fame whoring while marketing people promote them, for middle american retards to buy into them…..

So that biggest life regret was not going to Courtney Stodden’s 2013 Halloween party. It still hurts me at my core, because she’s so fucking wonderful…

A 30 year old stripper, who positioned herself as a 16 year old child bride, and the tabloids fucking loved her, loved her story, and no one bothered getting the birth certificate….

4 years later, interest is lost, even after she got clown sized tits, so she’s gone into porn, she’s gone into masturbation videos, cam shows, and apparently TWITCH…the gaming / streaming service owned by Microsoft….to show off those monster clown tits – and it’s wonderful…a wonderful life…an Christmas spirit in some kind of miracle….a trashy, porn chick from yesteryear in a marketed as “young-ish” personality…so weird….but I think a religious experience on some level…

THere’s a video:

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