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Ariel Winter’s a Slutty Xmas Elf of the Day

Ariel Winter is a Slutty Christmas Elf

Ariel Winter is smearing her box on some Christmas Boxes because she’s built like the product of some Mrs Clause who got knocked up by one of Santa’s elves because Santa is a pervert into kids, not old bitches, but more importantly, he also likes a good cuckold, you know some “A black dude banged my fat wife while I jerk off”….only it’s more of watching his elf climb up in her…accidentally creating this Ariel Winter, who was raised on Cookies before being given to Hollywood…

So Christmas always warms her heart, reminds her of her real parents, not the ones who sold her to the TV network, to be some dancing monkey…and it probably warms the boyfriend she’s got who mooches off her too…he gets to cash the fuck in…since she knows if she pays him off, he won’t leave her like everyone else in her life..trauma.

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