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Big Girl Iskra Lawrence in a Big Bikini of the Day

iskra lawrence spreading her legs on the beach in a bikini

Iskra Lawrence is a fat model, who wasn’t always fat, but who found an angle and got booked for being fat, while not booked for being skinny, ignored and irrelevant event, but the second she got fat she started getting paid so she milked that as hard as she could…

Likely disgusted by being fat her entire life of wanting to be a model so fucking bad…only to embrace it because she wanted fame and attention so fucking bad..and here she is getting paparazzi love while eating a popsicle…sugar water really…to maintain her form.

Diabetes is a real thing, cardio health a real thing, people dying from sedentary life on the computer eating bad foods and not moving, it is proven that fat kills…I’m a fucking diabetic because of it…as much as so many people are..

So to celebrate sick people, being sick, like they aren’t sick, makes me fucking sick…

Kids need to not eat candy or sugar, they need to not think being fat is ok, because it isn’t ok, and it doesn’t look good..it fucking kills…but unfortunately it hasn’t killed my wife yet, which is unfortunate really.

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  • Hurricane Andrew

    I’d still poke her in her porky ass. She at least carries the chunk well.