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Tove Lo is Naked and Slutty Shoot of the Day

Her name is Tove Lo. She sings one popular song…she is Swedish and she likes showing her tits, usually while performing…like some kind of pervert flasher…but a woman…so it’s not rape.

If you don’t know who Tove Lo is…you probably still won’t know who she is after today…because this isn’t some life changing content – but you will have seen her tits…

And really, they are tits you’ve probably already seen before because she’s that kind of performer…one who understands what the fans want to see….and that is a good thing that the performers who aren’t showing there tits should learn to do….but in this era of tits everywhere, there are very few of them really who aren’t showing tit – since everyone shows their tits – so much tit – I don’t know what to do with all the tits…I already started a website for the tits and I can’t keep up with the tits…but TITS.

I don’t know what this promo is for, but it’s a good way to get people to notice you…not that they’ll remember you, and if you pretend you’re doing it for a cause that supports feminism and gender equality while giving the people tits to jerk off to….if people still jerk off to tits…IT IS A GOOD STRATEGY.

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