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Cara Delevingne Topless for Glamour Mexico of the Day

cara delevingne topless for Glamour Mexico

Cara Delevingne is some spoiled, entitled, celebrity brat who was dialled into the fashion scene and the exclusive fashion parties at a young age, where she managed to charm people into giving her work…because she was quirky and funny…

I guess she’s still at it, because this is a photoshoot for some bullshit Glamour Mexico, you know try to take on the Mexican market now, because they love UK trash trying to be famous in America as an actress trolling, or networking her way to the top – which I guess is working for her cuz she’s working as an actress, I guess it doesn’t take that much talent to make it…you just sort of show up and repeat lines your fed by the guy who ired you hoping you’ll sell tickets to his show..

I don’t like when topless pics don’t have nipples in them…but by definition, she is topless.

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