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Nina Dobrev Fitness Fetish of the Day

Nina Dobrev Ass in Leggings

I don’t know who Nina Dobrev is really, at least not from her acting, but I do know that she is Canadian, or was Canadian before moving to the USA to be a big star, I mean she was on TV, that’s a bigger star than most Canadians, allowing her to never come back to our Beaver Tail, Ice Party that I write about on here….

You know and if she does come back, which she probably doesn’t, she can be mean and snobby and act hollywood to anyone who approaches her because THAT is what fame is about…it lets you be too good for people you meet you know to really own that celebrity. Make people know you mean it.

Throwback Massive Cameltoe

She also does a video for some comedy site I forgot existed – where she plays Ivanna Trump or some shit I find terribly offensive, a woman mocking another woman in an era where we are supposed to be united…but I guess girl needs to do anything she can to get noticed…

This is her getting her make-up peeled off.

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