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Girl Who Rubs Her Face with Period of the Day

I don’t know who makes women feel shame about having their period? Is it dogs sniffing girl’s bloody cunt? Is it gay guys who are rumored to smell periods on girls with disgust? Maybe women themeselves hate their periods cuz bleeding all over the place while their uterus sheds and ovaries explode sucks….

Because I don’t know any dude who has EVER shamed a woman for having her period, it’s usually a celebration that he didn’t knock her up….

I don’t know many dudes who have said no to period sex, even if period sex is gross and ruins sheet, just like anal sex is gross after you’ve eaten indian food, bodily fluids are gross.

But this bitch seems to think that her period is embarassing, like taking a big shit would be embarassing, despite being natural, but you likely wouldn’t rub it on your face for social media, in some weird intellectualization of your period or why you’re smearing it on your face, when clearly, you’d doing it as clickbait…shock value clickbait…and like anyone who smears bodily fluids on themselves, you’ve got a mental problem…like the guy who saves his cum from all his jerk offs….smearing it on his face…

Perceived feminism from attention seeking fame whores blows my mind..

Like people don’t like naming shooters in mass shootings to not give them the attention they wanted, I will not name this scammer.

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